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No hot water yet, apparently the ‘other’ realtor wasn’t in yet by 9:30 am, yeah, right, she’s been pissy since she found out she won’t get the sale money for the house (she didnt get back to us for a week and the other guy did, so he got our business) — so I dont know if this is more payback or what, but we sure need to get this figured out, and soon, who wants to bring a baby into a house with no heat/hot water?

Apparently OUR realtor agrees we shouldn’t have to pay to get this fixed, as it was broken before we moved in AND we’re paying them rent to live here. He seems to think there is just a ‘trick’ to getting it turned on, but.. I don’t know. I wish that were the case, but it seems kind of far-fetched to me. Still doesnt say why if you have the hot water heater turned ‘on’ that the furnace goes nuts.

And we found out that the lady that owns the place isn’t widowed, like the story supposedly went, apparently her husband quit his dentist practice here a month ago and moved down south to let a new dentist do much of the stuff and just part-time it. So speculation is that they divorced over whatever and now she’s stuck with a house she doesn’t want–and taking it out on us. The guy that came and hooked up our DSL (yeah, internet!) said that he was here a month ago unhooking their DSL and that the guy was loading up his truck and such to move on. Not dead several months ago as we were told. Hmm…

And if the guy was here last month, not really a chance that the whole house just magically went haywire in the last 4 weeks, now is there? Good chance something was wrong ahead of time and they just didn’t want to have to pay for it. I’m starting to feel scammed. Not liking it much either. Maybe it will all turn out okay, but when you’re 9 months pregnant and you could go into labor at any minute, you don’t really want to think about the fact that you haven’t had a shower in a while, etc. etc.


  1. Can you call the “better business bureau?”
    …there must be something you can threaten.

    how about telling them that you’re going to make sure the newspaper prints an article about a 9 month pregnant women being refused hot water and heat for no apparent reason.

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