Moving day…

Well everything got moved in. Sorted through the mail. Still trying to get our house to close, so we can get it painted and take out the ugly crap that’s in here. We are renting currently, but of course we run across a problem right away: the hot water heater isn’t working. So no showers. Check the breaker, it was turned off. So we turn it on. And still no hot water, but also the thermostat on the wall goes crazy. Can’t have hot water turned on AND use heat, and there’s no hot water no matter what.

Good thing we find it out at night, when there’s no chance of anyone fixing it. The bad thing is, I’m sure they’ll be pissy and try NOT to have to pay to get it fixed. Currently, though, we are renting. We don’t own the place, they won’t let us do anything to it, so they should be/are responsible for making sure we have hot water. We did insist on a warranty that would cover something like this, but of course I’m sure it won’t be enforced until closing, in which case if they decide to be real jerks, we could be without hot water until closing. Even though we paid them rent money up front. Not sure what’s going on, but I don’t like it.

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