holy cow…kind of literally…

Well, my new doctor shed some light on something interesting.. when we had our ultrasound back in June, our baby was at the 99.9th percentile for size. No wonder I’m as big as a frickin barn. The new doctor suggested that perhaps we ought to get another ultrasound and see how big the baby is/if its in the right position/consider scheduling a c-section if the baby is too big. Great. Just great. I mean, we aren’t even close to ready. I’m not ready. Not at all. I want 4 more weeks, or 6 with my baby, just me and my baby, giving us a chance to get the house ready, and me a little bit of time that’s not completely in an uproar, which is completely opposite of what we’ve had lately.

The good news is that we like the new doctor. She doesn’t seem afraid to make jokes, etc. Baby’s heart beat is still in the 150’s, and everything else seemed normal. I’m just afraid the baby is like 10 lbs now already and that waiting too much longer will be an issue. Of course, it could just be that the ultrasound was read wrong all along and that I’m just tubby, but we will see.

i haven’t slept worth a darn lately, something about not being in my own bed, plus being in my 9th month of pregnancy, etc. etc.

I did get a nap this morning before checking out of the hotel where we were staying, but still, not enough. People always say to get as much sleep as you can before the baby is born… but if you can’t sleep, what the heck do you do then? Drug yourself?

Anyway, I had to get ‘checked’ today–that didn’t feel very good but they’re talking a fingertip dilated and half effaced, so I guess that means I’m making normal progress no matter what. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated. We’d like to hold off unti Nov. 1st as that’s when our BETTER much better insurance takes over.

Ultrasound is Oct. 29th. More updates whenever we can get internet. At least tomorrow we’ll have the crib and carseat back in our possession.

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