Goings on…

Today we went and grabbed some foodstuffs and other essentials, not only to replace what we’re eating while we’re with family, but also for next week when we hopefully move into the house. Since our stuff won’t arrive and we won’t likely get it all put away, we’ve got instant macaroni, instant soup, fruit cups, etc.

Matthew has to go get his ‘stuff’ taken care of tomorrow morning, so he’s already in bed. My feet have been swollen the last few days. Not sure if it’s the diet or just that I’m up on my feet a lot more around here helping out.

One of my uncles is here, he was in MO for a class reunion last weekend, so I was sweeping the floors, cleaning the counters, organizing things, etc. etc. while mom was at work and helping her get stuff ready in general. Luckily, she’s taking us up on our offer of the foodstuffs stuck in our freezer, so she’s not had to buy a bunch of extra stuff with all of us as company. I’m sure that eases her mind.

Most of the day we giggled and gagged over the 2 big labs’ discovery of a deer (somewhere nearby) — they keep dragging up parts and chewing them up all over the yard. One of them even drug the hoof in to try and chew on it inside. Mom was having none of that. Back out he went. With the hoof. Yucky! Still a giggle though.

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