The moving day that wasn’t…

Yup, for all you cynics out there, you were right. We loaded up our stuff, paint, vehicle on U-Haul trailer, etc. etc. and got a 1/3 of the way there when we got a call from our realtor. A pre-emptive stop from preventing us from painting our ‘new’ house. The whole purpose of getting the keys early, paying the lady rent until closing, and waiting to get our stuff moved in and staying in a hotel, all pretty inconvenient, was to be able to get the house painted (99% guaranteed) before the baby arrived. If, like it seems, we won’t close on the house until Nov. 7th, we’re going to be cutting it mighty close. We asked, politely, very politely, if there was any way we could at least paint the nursery so that the baby’s room would be done ahead of time, God forbid anything should happen and I’d deliver early. No.

The lady accepted our offer, we were willing to take possession of the house, pay her rent, take all the utilities in our names, pay those for the meantime, and have insurance, besides hers, on the house, so in case anything happened, our stuff would be secure, oh and we have to pay closing costs, and, and of course we had to agree to pay all the damages to the house, which there really aren’t, because we got ‘such a good deal’ — but nope.. we can’t paint, in case, God forbid, our loan fell through, and we had painted the walls (white instead of awful red) and dripped onto the precious wordwork throughout the house.

You tell me, what kind of hoser, who is buying a house, would drip paint on the woodwork and not clean it up, if they were planning on living in it forever, or whatever. None. They’d clean it up because they saw it as their house. And in addition, it was going to be ‘so expensive’ if we DID drip AND the mortgage fell through AND we weren’t able to get a mortgage through anyone else, etc. etc. etc. all this IF’S, to clean up a couple of drops of paint on woodwork. Can anyone run a calendar from October 13-November 1st and tell me how many days of rent that is? We were going to give her almost the equivalent of a mortgage payment in rent. She already has our earnest money sitting there in cash with her real estate agent, so she’d have both, which would be let’s just say plenty to use a bit of soap and water and clean up a couple of drops of paint IF all that stuff fell through.

Arse. Bite my arse. That’s what I really want to say right now. YES, I can see it from her point of view, but seriously, lady, you have no money skills at all, or you have a very bad advisor.


  1. How insane is that??!??!
    Hope you get it all worked out soon – if it makes you feel better we did not get our nursery painted (yellow btw) until the week after we brought our son home (he was sleeping in our room) and his crib was not put together until he was about a month or so old.

  2. sure doesn’t make sense to me.
    She’d be getting a “deal” if it fell thru. Free paint.

    Maybe she let someone paint it before and that is why it’s red. ha ha.

    (I’ve got to catch up on your posts. You’ve been busy, and I’ve haven’t been)

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