Well, we are crashing at my parents house for the weekend and will get keys on Monday. We went to H0me Dep0t and picked up 5 gallons of primer and 2 gallons of an off white color of paint to paint the ‘extremely’ red room with–which would be the guest room. We figured that would give us enough to start with for Monday and then we could get more paint once we either A. picked out colors or B. ran out of places to put primer and/or ran out of paint. Right now the comforter for that room is burgundy/navy/hunter green. So a plain off white with the only other thing being in the room is the bed we figured was the way to go. We also picked up a ceiling fan for the dining room, as it only has a huge ugly light fixture you’d only see over the tables at pizza hut or a trashy bar over the pool table–like odd stained glass or something.

Right now we are debating whether to go with a light orange or light yellow for the nursery. If you’ve seen the decor it’s mostly antique white/white and then the accessories are cream bins, red, yellow, orange pails, and yellow painted wall hangings (a lion and giraffe face in bright yellow/brown spots) and that’s about it. Crib sheets are light green and then an animal print and a car/construction print in bright colors. We would probably add in blue and green somehow either in a rug, a lamp, or other artwork or such for the walls. Basically, primary colors. That way, once those things are either broken or we don’t want them anymore, the room would be a light color that we could customize for whichever gender of baby we have.

I may have mentioned before, but our ‘stuff’ won’t arrive until the 21st, so we will be staying in a hotel until then. Going back to paint/clean up/organize what we do have, etc.

We may use a light yellow in the master bedroom as well, and haven’t decided on the bathrooms yet. The master quilt is white with lavendar, green, blue, yellow, etc. etc. It’s kind of patchwork-y without being patchwork.

Anyway, thanks for chiming in with support. We’re taking it one step at a time. Tomorrow will be for family, church, football, and perhaps making some lists and picking up some more items like batteries for the smoke detectors that don’t seem to work, etc. All in a days work. Time to turn in.

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