Our stuff is packed..

Almost all of it. We kept out cleaning supplies and paper stuff to eat off of for today and tomorrow, and that’s about it. Once we dump off our recyclables we will have 2 extra containers to pack them in. Woohoo! It only took about 4 hours for them to do so.

They say it should take about the same amount of time tomorrow to load the stuff in the truck. Then we can do a final clean and be on our way! Much earlier than we had anticipated, as a matter of fact. Which is a good thing.

Inspections on the house are tomorrow and we get the keys on Monday. If all that goes well, we should be settled by the end of October. We still need to paint and etc. etc. Our ‘stuff’ will arrive on Tuesday, the 21st and we’re supposed to have painting help this coming Monday and Tuesday, Matthew has to do work orientations on Wednesday and Friday, then a doctor’s appointment on Monday (Matthew will start work officially then). Stuff arrives Tuesday and we should have unpacking help on Friday the 24th. In the meantime we will work on the house and try and rest some. Everything seems to be coming together.

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