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Yeah! We picked a lender and filled out the paperwork. There was a lot of bouncing around and trying to decide between 2 of them, but we finally feel like we got a good deal (under 5% for the first year, and under 6% for the remainder of the mortgage)–it’s still a very scary thing, but the lender we went with explained everything complete detail, sat with us until we were satisfied and even explained what the OTHER lender had quoted us. Basically, the guy is a broker and he works in his ‘fee’ and rolls it into the mortgage, so we’d be paying him almost $4k extra on top of our house, and we’d be paying interest on THAT for the next 3o years. That didn’t sound good to us. Anyway, we’re satisfied that we did the right thing and got a good rate.



  1. We had been married 16 years when we were finally able to get into our first home. It felt wonderful.

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your new house, and congratulations to all THREE of you!

    It sounds like you’ve put a great deal of thought into the process and are taking care of yourselves quite well.

    Good for you.


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