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Should we clean out our fridge and freezer and just have a couple of frozen meals or subway sandwiches stuck in there along with cereal bars or something for the 2 days they are ‘moving’ us? My husband will be at work both days and basically we need to clean out the fridge and freezer, scrub the bathrooms and vacuum once the movers are gone.

If we clean it out, we have to do it tomorrow morning and take it family for storage/their use-there’s not much in there-a frozen pizza, some frozen pasta and appetizers, a couple pounds of meat, all the condiments in the fridge of course, stuff like that. If we lost it all ‘meh’ we’d replace it. We’ll have to do some of that no matter what because they are moving us Thursday and Friday. So Friday will almost certainly have to be fast food for hubby and something stuck in the fridge for me no matter what. Oh and we’ll be gone Saturday at noon through late Monday. So all we have is Tuesday, Wednesday to really eat. And way more food than that.

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