Hostess gifts…

I dont know if I mentioned this before, but for the hostesses of both showers, I gave candles and little magnets I made. For everyone that came to the showers, I made a magnet. And for those with kids, I brought animal shaped magnets that they could take home to them. Kind of a gift from our baby to them for ‘showering the baby with good wishes’– which is what was on the little cards I printed out. I had a few little cards left over, so those went into the thank you envelopes of those people who sent gifts but couldn’t be there. Here’s what most of them looked like. I ended up with a few leftover at the end, without realizing it. Just a note–if you do magnets with paint on them, don’t allow them to stick together magnet to paint. The paint WILL scrape off and/or the magnet will rub off on the fronts, and in your hormone induced state, you might actually get upset and cry over it. Another side note, eraser takes away the magnet scrapes, but if the paint is gone, it’s too bad. Bonus points to my husband for only slightly raising his voice at me for crying and then hugging me–and figuring out within about 2 minutes that trying to ‘solve’ it wasn’t going to work. The waterworks were there for a few minutes. Then reality kicked in and I dried up. Poor little ol’ me. But they turned out okay. They’re handpainted so you have to expect a little roughness to them, right? Right?

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