Baby Shower #2

I don’t have any pictures from this shower, no idea why, but I didn’t pack my camera and I guess no one else thought to either. This one was at my home church. Just in the last year they have started throwing baby showers. The church folk were VERY generous. Besides all the goodies, we should be able to buy a high chair, playpen, and nursing pillow, as well as have some left over for clothes or what have you in the next couple of months. Very generous. Oh and there were like 20 people there, which just flabbergasted me. And lots of people who couldn’t come (or didn’t want to), sent cards or left presents. Woohoo!

One thing they must all like is hooded towels. At last count I had something like 9, and my mom kind of indicated in a round about way that I had at least one more waiting for me at home this week, someone had dropped the gift off at her work. Some other things we had duplicates of, and just put the credit back on gift cards, so we’ll be able to get some more clothes or whatever with that as well. I do have pictures of everything, though, which I will probably put out on the google picture site. Once my hubs tells me how to do it.

One awesome thing was our second car seat (that goes from 20 lbs to booster seat, so you never need a new one) from my aunts and cousins, 5 total of which came (out of 8) the 1.5 hours to have lunch with the family and then to the shower. I thought it was really nice of my mom to provide lunch for them since otherwise they’d have to eat super early or on the road. We have been to dozens of events like that where they all live for years and no one ever provided lunch for us. Guess that just shows how considerate she is. They all appreciated it. I know I did. It was nice to be with the ladies of the family, at least some of them, anyway, without the guys butting in.

This shower was again a bit awkward, because they didnt play games at all, I just had to sit and open gifts while everyone else kind of chatted a bit and otherwise watched me. I wish they’d had their food to eat while I opened, especially toward the end it was just cards with either money or a gift card in them, so it was like 15 cards in a row. I just announced the names, not the amounts in case anyone was wondering, I have a bit more tact than that. And I made sure that I sought out the eyes of everyone who brought a gift that was there when I said thank you.

We had brownies and watermelon. Yummy. Needless to say, I felt (and I’m sure the baby will once it’s old enough to know) very loved. A lot of the people there had known me since I was 3 years old.

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