Baby Shower #1

I must admit, this shower went a lot better than I thought it would. I wasn’t nervous at all. The only problem really was that I got hot and nauseated and had to take a quick water break. There were 4 games. The ever-present ‘don’t say baby’ game where you stick clothespins on people and then if someone says baby, you take their clothespin and whoever has the most at the end of the party gets a prize. I don’t really like that one, because then no one feels like they can talk about the baby, which is kind of the whole point. Then a walk-around with a basket full of goodies and you try and remember what’s all in there, and a word scramble, and then this one, where people tried to guess how big around I was. My mom kind of doubled what she thought I was I guess. She took a whole boatload of yarn. I thought that was hilarious. Matthew’s Aunt Mary was the closest. Matthew’s 2 sisters are the center of the photo here distributing yarn. They’re 2 years older and 13 years younger, respectively.
I had 3 friends (Katie, Stacy, Michelle) come, along with Matthew’s family and my mom. (Erin also sent a present, yeah!) Here’s Stacy (l) and Michelle (r). The one of Katie was too blurry to post. I wish Stacy would blog because I know she’s got a lot of fodder for it.

And then there was cake. One that my sister in law made (ducky layer with whipped cream frosting, which was excellent), and another Matthew’s aunt brought from the bakery. There was plenty for everyone.

And I guess I ought to post a picture of me, too. Here I am with the lil’ sis in law, she’s 15, and she was the one that made the cake. Yes, she’s about 4 inches taller than me now. We were neck and neck until about Easter and then she just shot past me. We’re both barefoot here.

All in all, it was a good time, the nerves settled down right away, I got lots of great presents and got to see some of my dearest friends, which was a great help to my state of mind and made me feel like myself again.

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