The Great Onion experiment…

Well, so far the onion experiment seems to have worked. This is what I did. I took the onions, ran them through the food processor until finely chopped. Then I loaded the results into ice cube trays, covered them with plastic wrap and stuck them in the freezer. Several hours later, I went back and ‘uncubed’ them. Some went into a plastic freezer bag and some into a plastic container. Either way, I used a freshly frozen cube in my green beans tonight and they were perfect. I’ve frozen them in huge blocks before, but then you always had to saw off or chip off what you wanted and sometimes that was difficult. But with the cubes, you just pick up however many you want and drop them into what you’re cooking and voila! No tears, no extra mess or fuss-and no rotten onions forgotten in the bottom of the bin. You get a bunch all done at once and for a while you have easily usable onions, kept well in the freezer.

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  1. Save those ice cube trays – they work awesomely for making your own ‘baby food’ – I did peas, garbanzo beans, apples, pears, pumpkin, avocado, brown rice… all sorts of things that I then froze in cubes for the Munchkin’s meals. Worked great!

    Will have to go back and try the onions though – good idea. Hubby is supposed to be buying me a stand alone freezer soon – can’t wait!

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