Sorry…and a misc. moving entry…

I haven’t had anything more interesting to post. My days consist of trying to keep up with daily tasks like laundry and dishes (the more I’m home, the more I cook, the healthier I cook of course, but the bigger mess I make)… and then trying to do little things to make moving easier, like packing up all my non-maternity clothing into the biggest suitcase we have. That’s done. Scrubbing out the gunk on the stove burners? That’s done. De-fuzzing the dryer, de-gunking the washer and de-icing the freezer? That’s done. Filing cabinet purged, shredded and recycled already.

Can anyone else think of other really annoying tasks that you forget about until the last minute and have to do or else you don’t get your deposit back? They are already keeping $150 to clean the carpets, we knew that. So those I’m not concerned with. They get vacuumed when I get tired of seeing the bugs that keep getting in littering the corners like so much refuse, or when my husband’s dirty shoes leave clods of mud everywhere. Probably not often, but often enough.

I know I have to clean the oven (no self-clean option) and the bathrooms. 2 of the sinks got de-gunkified earlier this week, just the one upstairs to go. I’m pretty sure cleaning the tub is out. Number one I shouldn’t have the cleaning stuff directly under my nose, and number two if I get down I may not be able to get up. The hubs may have to do that one. Not that we didnt’ tell the guy when we moved in over a year ago that the tub faucet was leaking. Nonstop. He just chose to ignore it. He finally ‘fixed’ the sinks when he came to check on the air conditioner (which did no good as there’s ‘nothing’ wrong with it. It just takes 3 hours to cool down a house one degree)– yeah right! One of the sinks is dripping again. And the tub is still dripping/running a full stream which leaves it a god-awful mess. Straight CLR several times didn’t touch it. Even though it was left soaking for several hours. In mass quantities.

Probably the biggest issue right now is just trying to figure out what we can and can’t pack. I can’t force my husband to do anything, but I’d like for him to start on the garage. Otherwise? He’s going to grab a few of the giant black bags and put everything in the garage in the back of the truck, even if it’s trash. And then a year later we’ll find out we have empty oil containers we moved from one place to another. Not my cup of tea.

Personally, I’m a purger when I move. I already went through my own clothes pre-summer for the baby and donated to good will, and the very few items we got ‘too many’ of at the baby shower are sitting in the living room ready to be exchanged for either clothes or just money for a couple of the big items I didn’t get–and we’ll purchase after the move. Other than those things, and maybe a few clothing items, I can’t see NEEDING to buy anything anytime soon. We’re seriously stocked up. Oh and all that stuff is in the nice plastic grey tubs sorted by clothing, bath and medicine stuff, crib stuff, etc. They just need labels. Otherwise, all of it is ready to go. Yeah!

So where else would you start if you were me? I can’t do the garage, so what other big chores can I try and tackle bit by bit and hopefully end up with a fairly clean house when it’s time to move. In a month. Ideas? Thoughts?


  1. I usually check light bulbs before I move, some places charge for each bulb burnt out. Other than that I guess just keep whittling away, packing things you think you can live without for a while. 🙂

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