Hoarding my baby…

I’m not sure I want to share my baby. Period. With anyone. Not even my husband. I’m having too good of a time bonding with the baby that’s warm and safe and cared for, as long as I take care of myself. We read and eat and sleep and talk over all the wiggles we’re accomplishing in the womb. If the baby is born, I have to share. And do a lot of extra work, don’t you know?

So am I lazy, or is it a good sign that I want to have the baby all to my lonesome?


  1. I used to love to curl up at night with my arms around my belly and hold my unborn son -unwilling to share or give him up.

    I still sleep like that sometimes -and he is 3 1/2.

    You’re not lazy, you’re bonding.
    Enjoy this special time and the special times to come!

  2. Nope. Not lazy. Having that baby in there is awesome. I miss it (and if you tell my husband I said that, I will deny it!! 🙂 ).

    Look at it this way: sure, you have to share the baby. BUT, it means you get to do things like sleep on your belly and shave your legs and SEE YOUR FEET!! HAHAHA!!


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