Doctor’s visit

Went to the doctor this morning. Had gained 7 lbs. Not a surprise. Saw a completely different doctor again today, but will see him again next time-Oct 1st, and should be my last here.
Baby’s HR was 151, my bp was 122/something and my measurement was 31 to 32 and I’m at 31 1/2 weeks so right on target. When I got on the scale to be weighed, though, my belly hit the front of the scale. I couldn’t quit laughing for a while. It’s probably just my height that made it an issue, but still, pretty funny. The nurse asked me if we were going by the third or the fifteeth and I said, the fifteenth, why does it say the third, and I guess that’s what the ultrasound said, but she said because they did the ultrasound a little later then it was off, sure had me going for a minute. She seemed to think I’d be ready for the baby to be out by the third, and i’m thinking, heck, no, we’ll only have gotten moved for 2 weeks at that point! Did find out though that it won’t be an issue getting our pre-paid delivery charges from the doctor back. So that’s good.

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