And I’ve failed…

7 lbs. Oh well. I’m still under the +15 that they recommended, so I guess technically I’m still okay. It’s still annoying, though. What good is it to be starving all the time and your baby whacking on you for food every 2 hours? None. So I might as well fail my weight to keep a healthy, happy baby, right?


  1. 15 lbs is not a realistic weight gain for pregnancy. Do some research and looking, okay? Just for the sake of your peace of mind.

    You’re looking at weight gain as bad. If you’re not eating like a total pig and you’re trying to eat what’s good for your little one, you’re not ‘failing.’

    So there.

  2. I still say you’re stressing way too much over this. It’s just pregnancy weight. Eat so that you’re not starving all the time, and chill a little. That doesn’t mean gain 60 pounds, but seriously, it’s not that important.

    Yes, I can tell you to chill out. It’s a privilege you get after so many years of being friends.

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