My husband went through hundreds of listings on realtor.com and send me about 30 of each state we could possibly live in. I went through my least favorite (read, I’ve never lived here before and it would be a pain to learn all the new rules in a new state, get a new driver’s license one more time, for the love of God)… etc. ones first and found several nice options, a LOT of land, nice houses, for within a reasonable price range.

Then we went to the other state, which would be closer to family. The land got quartered and the houses were just as nice. The driving time to work would be about 5-10 minutes less on average (according to google) for my hubby.

Not sure if that accounts for traffic or not. We got the recommendations for towns from my cousin, who lives down there. All the towns she suggested we look around ended up being about an hour ‘out’. We would take less, if there were options for him not to have to drive as far. I guess we will see. What we really need, really, is a realtor.

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