Location, location…

Well, we finally heard back from the relocation person. They will pay for a hotel room for us to go look for a place to live, a per diem while that’s going on, and pay for movers, and that’s about all the help they can give us. They MIGHT be able to put us in touch with a realtor, and if we need help finding an apartment while we try and close on a house, they should be able to do that too.

All of which is nice. What would have been even nicer is if the relocation specialist had been in the city area we’re moving too. Probably would have been a lot more on the ball, a lot more helpful, and might know a few people.

In the meantime, I have a recommendation for a hospital, and checked it out online, looks like it offers similar things to the one I was going to go to here, and my cousin recommended her doctor. So far her doctor is covered under BCBS under the nationwide plan. I need to find out what our ‘future’ plan is going to be, to make sure she will work with that too.

I will have to find out from my doctor when I need to go to the doctor next and then go ahead and make plans through our insurance company for at least my next visit or so while I’m down there (we’ll be covered up to Oct. 31 on our current plan, and the other will pick up Nov. 1st). If nothing else, I waddle into the ER and say, someone PLEASE deliver this baby and I should be fine. No matter when it is. But it would be nice to MEET my doctor first. You know and go to all those pesky appointments ahead of time.

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