Items to deal with…

-Dealing with a realtor while not being able to meet face to face, plus having to make a decision on a home after only seeing it once. Any suggestions? I’m thinking maybe forcing us to go down on a Thursday-Monday and viewing houses until we find ones we like and calling in reinforcements for help (parents) on Saturday since it’s our first house purchase and we hope it’s our only house purchase. That would leave Sunday for contemplation and Monday for signing papers.
-How will hubby adjust to new job, will he love it or hate it?
-Baby on the way + moving and changing insurance = yikes! Also new doctor and hospital.
-Packing the contents of our place.
-Dealing with the movers (someone suggested doughnuts and coffee and stay out of the way.)
-Unpacking in a new place we’re not familiar with quite yet.
-Preparing the nursery in time for the expected arrival.
-Not going into labor with all the upheaval.
-Finding our way around/ facing weekly doctor appointments in a strange place with a new set of doctors and only one reliable vehicle right now.
-Trying to get back the money from our CURRENT doctor, which we already PREPAID for the delivery in 3 installments back in May, June, July. Crap on a stick, won’t that be fun?
-Am I forgetting anything?


  1. I have no advice for many of these things, but about the baby’s room in the new house. . . just keep in mind, we (moms, parents) like to have a pretty and organized space all set up for the baby, it makes us feel good. However, your baby won’t be able to see color or see anything more than 12 inches in front of his/her face for a while. The baby won’t know if the nursery isn’t finished!!! 🙂 So maybe take that off your list of immediate worries. As long as the baby has a safe place to sleep and you have a comfortable place to change him/her (that won’t kill your back!), you’ll be just fine.

    Even though we had an existing nursery when Michael was born, we still had to make a few changes/fix a few things when Harper moved out. Then I went into the hospital at 27 weeks, and our lives were topsy – turvy for the next two or three months. There are things my husband finally tended to in the nursery Labor Day weekend! Six month old Michael really didn’t seem to notice the difference. 🙂

  2. Our son’s room was still not finished when he was born. No paint, no curtains, no carpet, no crib. He slept in the basinette in our room for about 6 weeks. So don’t sweat that one – seriously.

    The rest? Just take it one box, and one step, at a time. It will all come together. From what you have said your pregnancy is relatively uncomplicated – so that’s not so big a deal there. Any friends or family in the new location that can give you a referral? Hubby’s new co-workers/employer? I am sure they will try to help as they can.

    Hugs -you can do this!

  3. Hi!!!!! I found you! For some reason Katie’s site didn’t make it look like you had a blog and I accidentally passed the mouse over your name today and found you did 🙂
    Just wanted to say hi and that I agree with lots of things you say over on Katie’s site. Felt a great empathy with you on the dad/baseball/you’re a girl thing. And as for all the moving and having babies thing. Whew. Been there too. I moved to the UK when I was 5.5 months pregnant and lived with my mum and dad until the BA was 18 months old. Her nursery was in my room! Mum and I had fun improvising things though. Finding new doctors etc is the worst part. Good luck with that. I ended up with a better experience than I could have imagined and I hope the same goes for you. Cheers!!!

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