What are our congressmen for?…

Umm, yeah. So usually I try and keep the political banter on here to a dull, well barely a passing mention, just so that my readers know that I’m not a huge baby incubator with no thoughts or opinions in my head. So for once, please excuse the rant eh hm:

Our major city (Cedar Rapids) as well as a nearby town devastated by the floods of this spring, are going to shell out a shocking $10,000 a MONTH. Yes, a MONTH, to a Washington D.C. lobbying firm to lobby for flood relief monies from Washington.

Excuse me? What on the flying flipping earth do we elect our congressmen for if it isn’t to lobby for their constituents when a tragedy occurs, or to build infrastructure, etc. etc.

Yes, it has been 2 1/2 months and the only help we’ve gotten has been from FEMA, but our city pulled itself up by it’s collective wader-bootstraps and taken care of its’ citizens day to day needs. The major rebuilding needs should be lobbied for by our mayor, our governor, our state representatives, and yes our congressmen. We don’t get cash in our hands in 2 months so we’re going to eek out the cash we DO have to a firm in another state, when we already pay our elected officials to do this? Yeah, THAT makes a lot of sense. Eh hm, rant over.

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