Contemplating my navel…

I know that contemplating your navel is supposed to be a bad thing. Supposedly it means you’re too self-introspective, too focused on your own problems to see what is around you. But literally, lately, I’m been contemplating my navel.

Specificially, is it going to turn inside out on me. At first, I thought, no way, no how. It’s way too small to turn inside out, only big ones do the flip. Well, let’s just say my belly is now stretched so tight that my navel is getting even smaller, it’s almost flat it’s so small, and the outsides are beginning to bulge up. I think it may go inside out after all. Which will be weird, because it will get washed for like the first time ever, YES, it’s really that small. Can’t get a pinky finger in there even to wash it out. Occasionally I’ve used a Q-tip with water or alcohol on it with the hopes of getting out any crud that may be lodged in there, or drying it out if it happens to be wet.

So, yes, I’m contemplating my navel. Will it survive the next few months, or will my innie become an outie?

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  1. No no no… contemplating your navel is GOOD. It allows you to focus and think about your place in the center of the universe and think about how things are related.

    I’m laughing at the whole idea of q-tips etc… mine is big enough to scrub out with a washcloth.

    lol… I just shared my belly button with the whole universe.

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