Aaron Stecker still on Saints roster…

Around this time of year is when the football major leaguers make their cuts, so off I scuttle to the NO Saints website to see if my fav. player has managed to hang on. After the year he had last year, they better keep him! I was pleased to see this nice little blurb which basically says how awesome he was for the team last year. I totally have to agree. Is anyone EVER going to join the Aaron Stecker fan club with me?

No? Well, fine. But I still think he was one of the best players my alma mater ever had and made every game exciting. Boy, could he run. Even my parents still ask about him from time to time and call when they see a game on and that he’s played. Guess he made an impression on more than just me.

Anyway, I’ll be checking out as many Saints games as I can this season. Won’t you join me?

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