Fun Monday 600th Post–(Un)forgotten Trivia…

Mama Drama is our host for Fun Monday, and the topic for today is: What funny trivial fact do you remember that you probably should have forgotten a long time ago?

Every time I catch a show like Discovery or National Geographic, I wonder if it’s going to show those big powerful lions hunting down a gazelle. Then I snicker because I know that most of the time, unlike what is featured on those shows, THE FEMALE LIONS ARE THE MAIN HUNTERS, while the males stay home waiting to be fed and ignoring the cubs. All in all, those big maned beasts are pretty worthless.

Now go see what everyone else remembers…


  1. so true, so true. And the Navajo women who fed the men of the tribe first? Yeah, right. She who cooks must also taste…lol. Those ladies had already eaten a whole mean before they ever “served” their men.

  2. Hi Lil Mouse, just saw your comment on Roscoe’s Nerds Rope tie/Favre post. A Bears fan living in Iowa, is that allowed?
    So, you’ve got to be liking Orton over Sexy Rexy.

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