Bad dreams…

I keep telling myself, it’s only a dream. A bad, bad dream, but nonetheless, a dream. I was prepared for vivid dreams, I was prepared for ‘something happened to the baby’ dreams–which I’ve had a couple of. I was even prepared for wild, trashy dreams like other women seem to have when they are pregnant. Do I have those? No. Of course not.

I have dreams that my smoke-allergic, very occasional drinker husband, is not only smoking (while I am trapped in the vehicle with him), but trashed out of his mind, driving, mind you, and talking about illicit drug-ridden countries and people that come from them like they’re his best friends. The worst part was the fact that it didn’t seem like he even cared. Not about me, not about the baby, not about the fact that we were both trapped there with him, but not about himself either.

Of course this is totally wrong, improbable and impossible, but still, it left me shaken up as I woke up and tried to get it out of my head. I’m still a little freaked out, although taking a few minutes to hold him and hear his heartbeat and just be in his presence helped a little bit, and feeling the baby move inside me, safe and sound was reassuring, it still gives me the heebie jeebies. Shudder.

What dreams have you had?


  1. I won’t tell you any of the dreams I had while pregnant or after I delivered. Both times.


    Two things are happening here. Your hormones are in a soup, and that does really strange things to your brain. You can’t help that, and it will pass.

    You’re also in the middle of the most amazing thing you’ll ever do. You’re participating in a miracle.

    All your protective and nurturing and mama bear instincts are in overdrive. I won’t tell you it will pass, though, because your child(ren) will always be the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing on your mind before you sleep at night.

  2. Both times I was pregnant I had all kinds of dreams about tornadoes. I don’t recall ever having them before and I haven’t had any since. They weren’t scary, but there were almost always tornadoes present.

  3. I walked the house with a gun quite often in the middle of the night during my first trimester. i heard noises. After the first trimester though, i quit freaking out and slept better.

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