Mmm… Lasagna..

I feel like Garfield, except not as furry or catlike. But I have a lasagna in the oven and can’t wait to have some of it. Sure, it’s hotter than hades in here now that we’ve got the oven on in August, but hey, it’s going to taste really yummy fresh out of the piping hot oven.

We put out some semi-wilted lettuce leaves, carrots and then some ear corn and misc. birdseed to feed everything that happens across our patio. So far the rabbits have been scarce and the squirrels who have been ignoring us because we ran out of ear corn are back and practically knocking on the door.

I’m glad the Presidential election will be decided before I go into labor. I’m glad once I turn on the tv or the radio with a new baby that I won’t have to listen to the ads. But it will be a long couple of months. My folks, who happen to live in a state where a nominee ‘hails’ from, haven’t heard diddly, while our airwaves have been full for the last few weeks.

I’m glad that it’s preseason and football, real football, is just around the corner.

For once I wish the friggin stores would set out Halloween already so I could have some candy corn. A whole bowl full.

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