New specs…

I ordered some new glasses yesterday. My eyesight is so out of whack due to the pregnancy that when I tried to drive for an hour the other day my eyes were literally closing out of protest from having to work that hard. I don’t usually drive that much but I figured if they were that bad, I should probably go ahead and switch to the new prescription, at least until they start changing again.

The best thing is that I got a heck of a deal. I picked out frames that were completely covered by the insurance, even though they were marked up a little higher than our allowance, decided to just have the edges rolled and polished instead of upgrading to thinner lenses, with the new frames I doubt I will feel much difference in the weight anyway, and I also decided to try the transitions lenses, which go from clear to grey for the sunlight. Right now I have regular glasses and spare sunglasses with my prescription in them, which I leave in the truck. With these, I won’t have to change them out when I get in and out of the vehicle or when it’s overcast or changes to sunny really quick or what have you. All in all, it’s a good time to try all this out, because I will only be wearing them for until the baby is born and then probably for a little while afterwards. The good thing is with the insurance we CURRENTLY have, I’m eligible for another exam and new lenses come January. So even if I hate the transitions and the lenses are really heavy, I would technically only have to put up with them for a couple of months. Of course I would use them until my eyes ‘go back’ to whatever they’ll go back to, but that’s beside the point. Oh and the deal? Well we’d already paid in some because we didnt have our insurance figured out at the time of our exams, so we had a credit. And THEN, lenses were completely covered and as I mentioned the frames, so with our copay and transitions minus the credit, we only had to pay $29. Steal of a deal, eh?


  1. Hope these new glasses help. Let us know what you think of the transitions- I shot my last pair of contacts in early summer and can’t get in to the Dr. until Sept. so am in my glasses for the summer. Ugh – I hate swapping out.

  2. I went to the opticians last month because I had been suffering from headaches – nothing wrong with my eyesight so went to the dentist had to a filling replaced – headaches cleared up but the dentist cost me £190!!

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