Pink or Blue?

He he. For registering to deliver at the hospital here, we got a coupon for a free Halo Sleep sack. Cool, huh? We ended up over at my dr’s appt. early, so we went into the hospital gift shop and picked one up. Or so I thought. I ended up picking up something new with swaddles on it, and the coupon didn’t cover that. So we put it back and the elderly lady behind the counter asked us ‘pink or blue’ — and I said, we don’t know yet. Boy was she confused. It wasn’t until Matthew explained that I really didn’t answer her question accurately that I got why she was so confused. Of course I did say, well since we don’t know we should probably go with blue. And you know, she tried to argue with us and have us come back after the baby was born. You know, the whole point is that you get a freebie just for registering, why should you have to come BACK AFTER the baby is born, when you could go ahead and get it and get it washed and all ready for the baby? What if you forget about it while you’re at the hospital and don’t make it back before the baby would outgrow it? So I turned to Matthew and said, well what do you think, and he said, well I guess we should go ahead and get blue now so we have something…thereby we have a new Halo sleep sack. Yeah.

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