Glucose, scary Glucose..

Well this afternoon I have to go get my sugar levels tested. I am FREAKING out about this. My dad has diabetes, my mom’s mom had it and of course it runs in both our families. I haven’t exactly been a saint in the last week about sugar, although I should have known better. I know it shouldn’t really matter and that if I were to attempt to fool the test then I’d be in even more trouble than should I go in normally. However, I didn’t drink a regular soda yesterday as I had been doing and when I made cookies this weekend, I ate a couple and sent Matthew to work with the rest. He didn’t even get any because everyone else there ate them. Ooops. Anyway, the candy jar is sealed tight and I had fruit and cereal for breakfast (versus orange juice, which DOES have a lot of sugar in it) and I plan on trying to have a decent lunch, unfortunately, my appointment is at 3 pm. I would have much prefered an earlier appointment. However, my hubby has decided that it will be too nice of a day to stay at work and so he’s going with me. Yeah! No hour of complete solitary boredom staring at the doctor’s office walls while I wait to see if I am going to have GD or not. The honest truth is, I have enough to worry about right now without having to watch even closer what I eat. I already have to be super careful about how much weight I gain. I was allowing myself the few extra calories a day by having some ice cream at night, but when my weight went up to 5 pounds instead of 4 gained for the month, I stopped that. It doesn’t really seem fair. I don’t even really feel like I’m eating for ONE let alone TWO. Oh well, I know that the truth is you’re only supposed to get a few extra calories a day (300), but still. I’m just hoping for a good outcome. I still won’t be able to have ice cream every night, but at least I won’t be forced into refusing cake at my baby showers…

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