What’s that movement….?

It’s time for everyone’s favorite new game show ‘WHAT’S THAT MOVEMENT!!!!’ starring your guest little meece of course. Gender and stereotypes aside, this little mouse has been entertaining the big meeces with ‘what’s that movement’ for quite some time. We started out with gentle flutters, then progressively got more interesting with kicks to the bladder and double and triple pokes, then pokes on both sides of the belly at once.

The last 2 weeks have been particularly interesting, with an odd grinding feeling coming from underneath mama mouse’s rib cage. What could that POSSIBLY be? Hiccups?

Daddy mouse to the rescue, he puts his hand on mama mouse’s belly and after feeling the grinding movement for himself, he pulls his hand back and with an odd look on his face stammers….I .. I think that was a shoulder.. but… it went like THIS… and draws an odd zig zag pattern on mama mouse’s arm. Yes for once we’re feeling an honest to goodness turn or flop from the mini-mouse, completely with full body contact. May also be likened to a horse rubbing its’ butt on a fence post to scratch and itch it can’t reach any other way, or rolling on the ground to do the same.

Stay tuned for next week’s edition of ‘What’s that movement’ starring everyone’s favorite fetus, little meece!

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  1. When Harper was in utero, I used to be able to lay in bed and watch her move. Seriously I could see her head shifting from one side of my stomach to the other (she was breech, so her head was basically right under my chest). It was so strange and wonderful. With Michael I never made it far enough along to be able to do that, strange, huh?

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