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My hubby made it to his job interview and apparently got through it today, but his plane is delayed. Heaven help me if it’s delayed any further, because we’re supposed to meet my parents tomorrow halfway between their house and ours for lunch. I can’t imagine trying to explain why I can’t meet them without telling them why.

However, the good thing is, we have no way to lose. If he gets a new job, sure it’s going to be distracting and flurrying and I’m going to be insane, but we’ll manage. And if he doesn’t, well then we keep going the way we are.

The news I got was very brief. It seems there are a LOT of jobs open and the few people that went in today for a plant tour interviews, etc, were not necessarily being interviewed for jobs they applied for. Sorry for ending in a preposition, I’m just too lazy to fix it right now. What I took from that was that they are on a hiring binge and are pulling/pooling all their resources to get them filled. Employees being resources, yo.

Stay tuned. More to come in the future. I guess how early you get it depends on if I can sleep or not. Oh and they are FEDEXING an answer yes or no by Monday. Guess who is going to be pacing on Monday and trying desperately to stay out of the bathroom so she can reach the door? Yeah, that would be me.

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