So when are the cravings supposed to kick in? Because I haven’t had any out of usual cravings at all. Except maybe for sleep. Sure, there are things now and then that sound good, but not anything that would be out of the ordinary or I haven’t, you know, sent the hubby on a midnight run for anything or whatnot. Maybe that’s all just televised junk? Did you have cravings? Send your hubby on a midnight taco run or anything? Just wondering. I’m feeling kind of left out here.


  1. I read somewhere or another that no pregnant woman really has cravings, unless it’s for attention. Thus, the ‘sending the hubby out for pickles and ice cream RIGHT NOW’ thing.

    I did not have any weird cravings when pregnant either time. What happened to me instead was a total aversion to certain foods during my second pregnancy.

    I could not eat potatoes in any form. They did not make me sick or upset, they just had all the appeal of cardboard. I also could not (or would not) drink any carbonated beverages.

    Weird, huh?

  2. Black licorice – but I read it could cause premature contractions so I think I wanted it because I could not have it.

    Did not want much in the way of chocolate though -and I am a total chocoholic!

  3. I didn’t have much in the way of specific cravings, but I did want meat in general, especially beef. I think that was probably my body’s way of getting my iron levels higher. But I never sent Matt scurrying for anything late at night.

  4. Spinach. Everyday. Weird. But I never sent hubby out for something – at least with my craving I could plan ahead because I KNEW I wanted spinach omlette for breakfast, spinach salad for lunch and steamed spinach with dinner… I must have needed whatever it was that spinach provides!

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