Thoughts on the Olympics…

– Why on earth do they pan so close to the faces of people who have JUST lost? Are you trying to humiliate them as they struggle not to cry? These are TEENAGERS folks!

-The Chinese putting a ‘pretty’ girl out to lip synch while the ‘less pretty’ girl stood behind the scenes and sang beautifully–what a bunch of garbage. Just another reason to promote human rights in that area of the world. Not only do they have to be extremely lucky to be born and be accepted by a family (infanticide, anyone?), but then if they’re not ‘perfect’ they’re shunned. Anyone else think maybe if they allowed more little girls to be born they’d have some more ‘perfect’ specimens? Argh.

-I love that a lot of the coverage comes on when the news would at night. It’s the perfect time to get in bed and relax and root for your team. Disappointment falls away with sleep and excitement lets you work out any anxiety before sleep as well.

-Some of the commentators are SO picky. Shut up already.

-The USA is leading in medals. Awesome. Now be happy for the ones you have and chill out on the hype and ‘pestering’ of the silver and bronze medal winners later. You should be proud and not disappointed that we have athletes that are on top of the world, literally. Who cares if it’s first second or third? (this to the media intent on dissecting every last detail)…

-Wish I could do that….or that… or that..sigh!


  1. I think the Chinese have done some really odd things with this Olympics…how about the computer animated fireworks for the TV viewers?

    While the US is doing well, poor Canada has yet to win a medal.

  2. I wanted to tell Emma that I followed a link to the “50 sexiest Olympic women” and the number one sexiest was from Canada. So – there you go!

    As far as the close ups – I guess we’re all a bunch of voyeurs.

    I wanted to find you a link for a story about Ch|na “allowing” a place in the park where “protesters” could address the world press. However, every citizen that applied for a protest license got thrown in jail

    Yes.. and the computer animated fireworks, too.

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