Water water everywhere…

Here’s a few lessons from our recent flood:

  • Everyone has their own idea of what ‘conserving water’ is
  • You CAN conserve more than you already do, really, you can!
  • No matter how hard you try, people will still break the rules or take advantage of ugly situations
  • There ARE good people everywhere, and they ARE looking out for the little guy
  • If one of you takes a FAST shower, the other one can sponge off easily with what’s left in the bottom of the tub
  • You can easily wash and rinse your hands many many times in one partial sinkful of water
  • People do have good hearts and smarts (even the most expensive bottled water was marked down during the ’emergency’ to a low cost-the same as the ‘generic’)
  • People’s hearts are really big, even in a big city
  • Corporations care, and they DO follow the rules to try and help out
  • You CAN cook without water, you just have to use your imagination (or bottled water)
  • Unfortunately, it IS tough to eat/clean up without water, and you have to use disposable plates and silverware, which is bad for the environment, but an evil necessity at the time

Brought to you by Lotus and Project Support Beauty in Nature.

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