Power Tools…

The power tool I’ve used most often is probably a drill. I have used routers from time to time as well, but I have used both cordless and corded drills to help my husband work on his truck and for home improvement projects, to put together furniture, and in general fix things that are not working.

Black and Decker is a brand that we can usually find fairly easily and is pretty inexpensive to purchase at mass merchandising stores. Their design is usually fairly simple and easy to operate. That’s why I like them a lot, you can glance at the instructions once and know how to use them, or just experiment a little bit and voila, you know exactly how to use them. Currently, we prefer to use the mass marketed brands instead of paying out big bucks for those with more features that I probably would not use for my purposes.

My husband uses his drill for all sorts of projects, most of which I can not fathom. I for one have helped him with his ‘truck’ projects several times. Several times, I have used a drill to help him remove parts, and then of course later, to put them back on, making sure to hold onto the screws in the meantime. A plastic baggie or container, notated properly, can help you figure out where they go back. All in all, Power Tools are much more efficient than regular hand tools, and can save time and saving time saves money.

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