I can’t see…

Out of my left eye. Thanks to ‘thumper’ or ‘pinky’ or whatever we’re calling the baby these days. Really it’s ‘the baby’ or ‘hey you quit that’–or ‘what you want hon?’ when I’m being kicked to pieces.

I digress. So I may need a pair of glasses to ‘carry me over’ during the next 3 months and up to 6 months afterwards. It all depends on if we want to spend the money (could get them for as little as $25) or not. It would be nice not to have blurry vision because all the fluid in my eyes is pressing on my astigmatism.

Did I blog about this on my other blog? I don’t know. What I do know is that it was hysterical (and by that I mean I almost had to excuse myself from the exam room because I was dissolving into giggles) because the whole middle of the row looked like DOTS, so I was saying K, dot, dot, Z. That’s it. And laughing SO HARD. It really wasn’t funny, but then again it was. Because I KNOW they were supposed to be letters, but obviously couldn’t see them. AT ALL.


  1. Blogger is messing with me tonight–could post on your other webpage but I do remember your favorite wedding photo–love the outdoor setting. Good luck with mommyhood–you mentioned us giving answers or advice, but since you’ve already read how well I raised Zack the crazy border collie I’ll spare you my insights!

  2. My eyes were really wacky with my first pregnancy, but the second one not as much.

    As long as I was still nursing, I retained fluid, too. So my eyes were awful for about a year after he was born.

    I know that doesn’t help, but doesn’t it make you feel good to know you’re not the only one?


    Oh. And you really do look wonderful. Pregnancy is such a wonderful time and I can tell that you’re loving it.

    Happy momma… happy baby. This is good.

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