Olympic Torch lighting…

We watched the Olympic Torch lighting last night as a ‘family’ –Matthew got to feel the baby kicking (it’s gotten a lot more thumpy and bumpy with harder kicks lately) and of course was thrilled with the big bumps.

It was a nice bonding moment, just the three of us, as a family watching history being made. Kind of nice.

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  1. Awwwwwww, this is so sweet.

    And I also read the part of the leaky boobs. Oh ya they do, and they did for me [tho it was like 30 years ago! but I so well remember]. And after I delivered, if you think they leak now ….just wait. Oh, oh…should I have said that?

    I got a big kick out of “dear hubby…usually it doesn’t affect him anyway. He’s sound asleep”….Ya, been there done that too. And it’s still the same ol’ story…he sleeps through anything [mine anyway! LOL]

    Love all the photos on your sidebar! This is a great blog dear lady.

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