Olympic Torch lighting…

We watched the torch work its way around the stadium and being passed off from one athlete to the next. The funny thing is, while my hubby and I were watching, it turns out we both had this mental picture of what would happen and how the torch would be lit, and it was NOTHING like we thought–but we both had the same idea. The stadium they built is like a ‘bird’s nest’ — we thought they’d touch the flame to the top of it and set the whole rim of the thing on fire so it would glow and it would somehow light the torch and the whole building would have a ‘ring of fire’ so to speak.

Of course it didn’t happen that way, but it’s funny that our minds were that much alike. Despite the fact that we do different things for a ‘living’, that we’re of different sex and pretty much probably think about different things all day long, we still had the same concept.

It was a nice bonding moment, too, just relaxing at the end of a long week and as a ‘family’ watching the torch being lit. Awesome. The baby got in on the action, letting ‘dad’ feel just how hard the kicks are getting. I love seeing his face, the harder they get the bigger the smile. (I think he just wants to raise a quarterback to take over the Bears offense–and that DOESN’T mean we’re having a boy–let’s just say we’re equal opportunity fans–we’d love our girl to play football if we have one)… 🙂

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