Next to last day…

Tomorrow is my last day of work. I will be very happy for that. Not sure if I will search for another temp position or not. I’m tempted NOT to, just so I can get some time to do whatever I want for a while before the baby comes.

Tonight football is on, both on the radio and tv, we are watching one, listening to the other. Follow that? I’m excited, I love football season, even if my teams aren’t winning.

This afternoon we went to dairy queen for their treat day or something, basically the idea was if you bought a blizzard, all the proceeds went to the Children’s miracle network for children’s charities. Ice cream and feeling like you did something good? Priceless.

Holy crap! Did I mention it’s time to open up the Aaron Stecker fan club again? He just FLEW over the goal line and got a touchdown for the Saints. Awesome. I screamed and clapped my hands over my head. My throat hurts I just screamed so hard. Oh, I went to college with Stecker, he’s kind of a smaller pro-football player and doesn’t get a whole lot of playing time compared to some of the hot-shots, but he is a workhorse. He always did really well for my alma-mater and could run like you wouldn’t believe. The Saints usually only play him on special teams and to give their starters a break and/or to get the starters CLOSE to a touchdown. He almost NEVER gets the touchdown opps, and he just literally jumped and flew over the line for the TD. Awesome. Okay, I’m calm now.

Time for the rest of that ice cream I didn’t eat this afternoon.

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