Where did my bellybutton go? and more tales from pregnancy…

Except when I’m sitting down, I can’t see my bellybutton anymore. It seems to have gotten tinier (if that’s possible, it was pretty small to begin with) the bigger my belly has gotten, and if I’m leaning to one side, it almost looks herniated or swollen on one side or the other. Poor belly button. I’m hoping that’s not a sign that it’s going to pop like a Thanksgiving turkey. We will see, I guess.

For the last couple of months, I have rhino boobs. Armadillo, something. By that I mean I would swear that they’re plated with extra tough skin. Some of this is relieved by lotion, some not. They also poking out like the proverbial temperature gauges, even though it’s warm out. And huge, why didn’t anyone say they’d be so huge? One of my friends warned me about ‘leaks’ – that only started a few weeks ago, and usually it’s only at night or early in the morning, it’s only one of them, and if I’ve gotten up to use the bathroom or something and it’s taking a while if you know what I mean. Guess my body is preparing for those 1 am feedings. I think my hubby was freaked out at first, I know the first couple of times I was like, what the? because I dont usually wear much to bed, so all of the sudden, my leg would be wet. Then one night I was wearing a shirt and it dawned on me what it was. Now, as with most things, my hubby seems to okay with it. Usually, it doesn’t affect him anyway. He’s sound asleep.

Lucky punk.

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  1. have you shown your physician your skin on the breast?

    That concerns me. It’s been years and years, oh my, and years, but I’m sure I would remember that.

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