Poked, prodded, and flat worn out…

This morning we went to the dentist. A new dentist. I’d been going to the same one as long as I remembered. Apparently I had not been since Jan. of 2007. Apparently we were due just as we moved and I had proscrastinated in getting in. Of course I couldn’t get xrays, and they say my huge filling is crumbling and needs a crown (not a shock). The hubs had to have a bunch of cement from his braces removed, and has a tiny cavity which he will get filled next week. No biggie.

I warned the hygenist that I had a strong gag reflex. She didn’t get me. Almost, but she took the stupid mirror out. She was very very thorough. I felt like I’d been assaulted almost. Not in a painful way, but in a “can we get this over with” way. Then she sat me back up. My head had been lower than everything else. About 60 seconds later, I was thumped back down because the doctor came over. Not so good for the early morning. The baby whacked me nice and hard for the disruption in its’ nap apparently, it just made me dizzy. So dizzy. But I did have a thorough check up and cleaning.

Back to work and then to the eye doctor in the afternoon. My eyes were SO tired. And I found out, not as a big shock, but that I couldnt read with my left eye, at all. So much fluid has gone into my eyes from the pregnancy that it’s pressing on my astigmatism. Like a child, I laughed until my butt fell off (see, all gone!) and then pulled myself together enough to say, it just looks like a dot. Imagine reading the line and it looks like this, K, dot, dot, dot, Z. What do you say, besides dot? And then laugh about it? Well, anyway, no real problems there, although leaning over to look into the instruments I did get a huge whack in the gut for that too.

I may get a second pair of glasses (besides the 3 year old pair I’m wearing, I mean) in a funky shape or whatever for the next few months. Just to be sure I’m seeing well enough to drive and such with the pregnancy. Then go back to my first pair. It may seem silly, but I really can’t see out of that eye very well.

Matthew may go get a Lasik appointment. I can’t go get mine right now and I’m fine if he wants to go see if he’s a candidate.

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