Hey, check it out, I found a new place to store recipes online, at Key Ingredients you can easily search through other people’s recipes too! Typing in Chili came up with not only the dish itself, but also neat recipes like chili rubbed salmon, mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese and poblano chilies, and and ancho chili remoulade.

The idea being, that it searches by the KEY INGREDIENT in the recipe. Awesome, right? So if your helpful and well-meaning neighbor gives you a pound or twelve of rhubarb and you have no idea what to do with it? Well then key ingredient is the perfect place to go, because by simply typing in rhubarb, you get almost 100 results, including sorbet, sauces and crumbles! You could make a whole rhubarb themed meal and invite that neighbor over to dinner. Make a friend and get rid of some of the stuff in your pantry while you’re at it. Which is another great idea. Buy an impossible too big box of something? Search with key ingredient and voila! Find hundreds of ways to use up those pantry items before they spoil. Like other websites, you have to join to start your own collection, but being able to search by the ingredient is just genius! I’ve tried that on several other sites only to be disappointed at the results.

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