Soda intake..

My soda intake has drastically reduced. Of course because of my condition it was forcibly limited, but I find that it takes me a while to drink that much ‘sugar’ so I only have about one can a day. Mostly 7 up so no caffeine. Occasionally an orange or rootbeer and that’s about it.

We’ve only been buying it when it’s on sale and that’s been working out okay. Wish the CFD pepsi was on sale a bit more. I’ll live. The 7 up seems to calm my stomach, the rootbeer goes well with pizza or pasta, and the orange is just a complete treat. Like liquid candy.

Mmm.. Candy.


  1. I gave up soda in February. I was drinking diet, which of course is nothing but chemicals.

    I feel so much better.

    I used to drink regular soda, too.
    Did you know the phosphates in soda are bad for your bones?

    I’ve decided now that I will never drink it again unless I’m dying of thirst in the desert and stumble across a soda machine and just happen to have the correct change.

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