Crib Mattress…

Now that we have the crib in (notice not put together), we went ahead and went out and got a crib mattress. While we were at Target we saw a cute 12 mo onesie in BRIGHT ORANGE. Yeah couldnt pass that one up, especially since it was a grand total of 98 cents! Woohoo. Now that’s the kind of prices I love. Being well schooled now in the ‘it doesnt matter what the months on there say’ (well then why don’t they make them go by pounds then) I decided for a buck and with such a cute thing, we had to have it.

Then we went and got ice cream. From Dairy Queen. Yikes. We hadn’t done that in quite a while. I had a small peanut butter cup blizzard (my husband finally decided for me as I couldnt face that kind of decision at 9pm) and my husband had a large butterfinger blizzard. Wow. More than $10 for the 2 items. Crazy stuff, man. I ate the whole small container, which I dont know was probably 8 oz. I think the baby liked it. I know I was happy as a little clam. Even happier that when I got on the scale this morning, I’m only weighing a pound over my absolute heaviest, which means I didn’t gain 5 lbs overnight from eating ice cream, which was my fear.

Anyway, we’re one step closer to having a nursery ready by November. In a few weeks, 2 baby showers are being thrown for me in the same weekend, 4 hours away. This will be a challenge. Just riding in a vehicle that long with the status of my bladder? Is going to be a challenge. We plan to wake up on Saturday morning and head that way for a p.m. shower, then we’ll have church the next morning and a p.m. shower at church and then should be a relaxing evening before heading to Matthew’s orthodontist appointment at 8 am on Monday, then back home. At least I won’t have to work the next day.


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