Do you ever have those days when you only get a couple of things done, but you feel like the world has been conquered because of it? Even if your laundry is still piled sky high and you havent taken recyclables to the center in 2 months?

Yesterday we…

  • Visited the hospital where we may (if we still live here) have our baby. We liked it.
  • Made the rounds to Matthew’s company picnic
  • Cleaned the ‘baby’s room’ (swiffered all the corners, vacuumed the whole floor)
  • Got the crib set up
  • Painted some more shower favors
  • Got the crib set up (just had to repeat it)
  • Narrowed our baby names down to 9 (3 girl and 6 boy, not sure how that happened so we may need to actually buy a stinking baby name book to be sure we haven’t missed anything)
  • Practiced with the baby’s toy horse getting the side slid down on the crib one armed and putting the horse in (needless to say my belly still gets in the way, but it’s doable)
  • Cleaned up the living room

Anyway, it wasn’t much but it certainly made us feel a whole lot better. Now today I can focus on the rest of the house and trying to find actual food to feed us. Grocery shopping has gone way downhill the last couple of months.


  1. The first weeks or so that he/she is in the crib, you shouldn’t need to slide the side up and down. The mattress should be in the top position to make it easier to get the baby in and out.

    Morgan’s crib side doesn’t move. Which is nice, but as she got older and the mattress got moved lower, it became not much fun to get her in and out 🙂

    You got a lot done. Far more than I 🙂

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