1. Don’t you hate that?

    I don’t know what makes it happen, but can tell you I had it with both kids.

    Don’t worry. Eventually you get used to being sleep depraved- er, sleep deprived.


  2. You sleep issue may not get much better. The bigger the baby gets, the more uncomfortable YOU get. My last 7 weeks pregnant with Morgan were not much fun. My saving grace from about 25 weeks until the end? A U-shaped pregnancy pillow that could be conformed into numerous positions. I’m a side sleeper, but as the belly grew, I needed something to support it. This pillow was AWESOME. I could get it under my belly to give it the support I needed, between the knees to keep my hips from feeling like they were breaking. Heaven. Well worth the $85 I spent on it.

    Broken sleep now is preparing you for months of it in the near future 😉

  3. Oooer, yes, the pregnancy makes sleeping very difficult … active baby!! 🙂
    But try see it in a positive light – in a way? It actually prepares you when you have a little one to feed in the night. It won’t be such a shock to your system. (I came over from Swampy’s, BTW)

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