Life is too short…

Hey guys, it’s not every day I get up on my soapbox, I’d like to, but I don’t. I try and save the speeches, but here goes:

Life is too short, sleepless nights are too long and you have everything in this world to live for. My husband lost a classmate this week (self inflicted gsw to the head if rumor is correct), because his wife was stepping out on him. He left 3 little girls at home. This same thing happened in the tiny town where we grew up a few years ago to another family as well. It’s a tragedy.

Years ago my husband was ostracized by his classmates (a mother wouldnt invite him to a classmate’s birthday party-and told the youngster who repeated it out loud) because his father was no longer in the picture. This guy, as young as he was, probably about 8 at the time, stood up to the naysayers on my husband’s behalf. He’s never forgotten it. Once I heard about it, I couldn’t either. I didn’t know this guy very well, just didn’t run in the same circles, but it breaks my heart all the same. What kind of guy must he have been to be so young and have a clearly defined right and wrong that even adults couldn’t step up to the plate with? Losing a young person is so tragic, especially in cases where it seems so unnecessary. So wrong. I hope someone sticks up for his girls the way he stood up for my hubs when the chips were down.

Please, if you know anyone going through a similar situation, talk to them, help them get counseling, stay up all night with them if you have to. Life is too short to just walk away. RIP RK. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

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  1. Rich was a good guy. Jared hung out with him a little, which of course, meant I did too. I had forgotten he would have been in Matt’s class

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