I just discovered that the crib we got on sale is no longer on sale, so we got a good bargain! Yeah!

Oh and here’s something I need help with. My mother in law is very into the baby. Which is great. I try and feed her addiction by sending her emails as much as possible. I told her if she wanted to go ahead and look for summer clothes on sale at the end of the season (thinking Sept here) then that would be fine, and the baby could wear them next summer in a 6-9 month size, assuming that 6-9 months means that they should be able to wear that starting from birth, 6-9 months after they are born (May to July for us). Makes sense to me that way. That could be counted as the baby’s Christmas present or whatever… Anyway, my husband pulls up a picture of 3 outfits she bought yesterday, 2 perfectly fine, one definitely girly (think a pink skirt), which we asked her not to do since we aren’t finding out the baby’s sex until it’s born… anyway, they looked a bit off to me and Matthew said they are 12 month size so they’d fit next summer, and then we both looked at each other and said ‘that doesnt make any sense’ at the same time.

Are we wrong or do we remind her that our baby at 12 months will likely be needing warm clothes? She had all her babies in cold months (including one 15 years ago come November), so I know she knows better. She just wasn’t thinking.


  1. NO!!!

    (sorry for yelling, lol)

    At six months of age, most babies are wearing 12 month sized clothing. Until they’re about three years old, one really needs to buy at twice the suggested age, if that makes sense.

    So if you will need warm clothes when the baby is a year old, you’ll want ’em in size 18mo.

  2. The sizes are a “guideline” for average (smaller) babies – my son was in 12 month sizes at 6 months, and in 2T at 24 months – so you never can tell… until they are born…

  3. Yes, you are wrong!! Morgan at 6 months was wearing 9 months or 12 months in clothing. She’s two right now and technically? Should be in 2T. She’s mostly in 3T. The sizes are a guideline. A friend’s baby is 14 months old and SHOULD be in 18 month sizes. He’s still mostly in 12 months because he’s super skinny.

    If your baby will be a year old when it’s cold out, bank on putting him/her in 18 month sizes. At 6 months? Plan on 9 or even 12 month sizes. Newborn? Yeah, they fit for about two weeks and then they’re in 0-3 months.


  4. It depends on how big your baby is….my daughter was 10 pounds and birth and my son was 7 pounds…neither of them wore age appropriate clothes…they were always wearing an age size larger. Then again, my son’s birth sisters definitely wear the age size they are!! You just never know!!

  5. Ami is right, very few babies follow the ‘rules’ they are either too small for the size they are supposed to be or too big. My lil’ Henry is 6 months and he is putting on 9-12 months clothes, I think you should buy a size bigger, like if you needed 3-6 months, then buy, if you must, 6-9 months, but then again, your baby might be on target!

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