Gas prices…

Seems like everyone else is talking about them, so why can’t I?
To be honest, we have had it pretty good compared to those I know that live in Illinois or higher tax states. To be honest, we’re not even sure gas hit 4.00 a gallon here. For a long time when it was $4.10 elsewhere, it was $3.79 and then $3.87 here. Slowly but surely, it’s come back down as well. Unfortunately, we may not last. All the snow and rain and flooding and other stuff has taken our road budgets down to nothing and before long, we’ll have more tax on our gasoline too. Don’t hate us, be glad for us, because we can’t give up our truck and we JUST got it paid for. Now we have to decide what on earth to do, get another car, or save some money for a cushion for baby expenses. Life is so hard.

And to top it off (if you know ANY of my family, keep your mouth shut), Matthew has an interview in St. Louis coming up in a couple of weeks. They want to try him out for 3 different jobs. This was totally unexpected. We’d of course like to keep it hush hush as much as possible. They would be so disappointed if they thought there’d be a chance we were closer and then have it fall through. Maybe us having rotten luck trying to find a place to live is fate? Who knows?

At this point, I’m not counting anything. I’m simply accepting what is. I feel my sanity would be in jeopardy otherwise.

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