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I’ve got large jarred candles for the hostesses of my baby showers, except one, who is 14. I’m going to tie ribbons around the candles and maybe attach a magnet to them. I am making magnets for everyone who attends the showers (just because, I dont know why), little umbrellas that I will paint in various colors and of course will attach a little note that says ‘thank you for coming to my shower’ or something like that. If anyone has any ideas on wording, I’d appreciate it. If I have the time I may do up some animals for the kids instead of umbrellas.

Also, I need more ideas for something for the 14 year old. She’s getting ready to go into high school and she’s my hubby’s younger sis. So far I have for her a little orange tin with her initial on it and a red journal with her initial on it. Any ideas on what else to get for her? The candles weren’t expensive, but I want to give her something that ‘looks’ equal to her, if that makes any sense. Most adults I think would be pleased to have a hostess gift, no matter what it is, but to a teenager, you never know. They want to be special, different. She’s not quite as much my younger sister as my husbands, but I have known her for almost 9 years, since before she went to school even. I’ve purchased all her gifts, birthday cards, and I always do something like give her a container, powdered sugar, and tried and true frosting recipes when she was in her cake decorating phase, or a basket with beads, wire, wire cutters, and other goodies when she was into making necklaces and bracelets. Or pretty/bright colored towels and hand towels for her bathroom instead of dark brown (leading to a bathroom that looks appropriate for a teenager.) For Christmas last year I embroidered an apron for her with her other gifts. She may not use it now, but one day she very well may get it out and remember when… at the time when they wanted to get her taken out of pre-algebra and into algebra, it was me who went out and bought a white board and colored markers and showed her how to use it as a tool to work out problems without tearing holes in her paper. Months later her mom told me how much of a confidence booster it was for her and how she feels prepared for her next year of math classes because of it. Needless to say I think of her a lot and a lot of her and I want to do something extra nice. Not expensive, just something she will like. To be honest, my brain is fried. I have a couple of weeks, but it’s truly all a matter of finding just the right thing. Any ideas? Besides naming our firstborn after her? We already told her that was out.


  1. I don’t think the idea above is too young if you make it more to suit her. Maybe some kind of locker mirror or white board thingy would be good?

    If it doesn’t have to be something you make, Victoria’s Secret has these nice fruity body sprays. I know, VS, but if you go with strawberry or something that says young and fresh and not sexy. I prefer the fruit scents, too, and I let my girls wear them. I think they are about $7.50 each. You can probably find something similar that isn’t VS, but that’s what I’m familiar with.

  2. How sweet of you to take such care of her feelings. You must be very special to her.

    My 15 year old daughter absolutely LOVES Sculpey clay. You can get a pretty big package and a book of ideas for about 25 bucks at Michael’s or Craft Warehouse.

    Another idea is a selection of embroidery floss and a book on friendship bracelets. Some of them are very intricate and complicated, but the girls love them.

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